Marking and Feedback

Marking and Feedback Policy



In all areas of marking we aim to employ a consistent approach within each class and across the school as a whole. It is vital that the children recognise the purpose of marking and can learn from it to aid their progression. The comments made will reflect the age of the child. A marking guide is in the front of children’s books and we use marking ladders to assess pieces of work against given success criteria.


We give children the opportunity to assess their own work and to evaluate the work of others. This is always done in a kind and positive way but may include areas where there could be improvement. It is important for a child to know how they could improve aspects of their work and be given the time to edit and re-draft writing or correct mistakes in Maths for example.


It is not our policy to correct all spellings errors in a typical piece of work. Usually a child will be asked to check spellings when they finish a piece of work and be encouraged to correct known high frequency words or recent spelling patterns covered in lessons. A child would self correct and edit their work using a purple pen, as stated in our policy.

However, if the lesson was a handwriting or specific spelling/grammar lesson, then there would be an expectation that correct spelling would be used.