School Lunch

Autumn 2018

On Tuesday 17th April 2007 “Seething School Meals” came into being. We serve hot meals that have been prepared in our kitchen that meet the demanding Health and Safety standards required for food preparation.


  The food Team is headed by Nikki Battisson assisted by Jo Norton and Louise Edwards.

Ingredients for hot meals are purchased locally and we are able to pinpoint the source and grade of all the products we use

We are very proud of our meal service:

  • A vegetarian option is always available
  • Special dietary needs are catered for
  • Parents can “mix and match” – hot meal or vegetarian option, jacket potato with a packed lunch
  • Menus are regularly adjusted to introduce seasonal choices
  • Food is always presented on china plates and bowls
  • The presentation of food on the plate is always extremely high
  • The pastoral care of pupils during the meal is consistently high

The unanimous feedback from the children about our food is that “it is just like home cooking – it looks good and tastes good.”