The Friends

The “Friends” is open to all parents and carers in the school community. It was founded in order to help the school in any way it can and it does just that. Not only do the “Friends” regularly raise money that provide so many opportunities to enrich our life here but they can be seen at the “sharp end of the wedge” setting about ensuring the school grounds are regularly tidied as well as mending, fixing, painting, shoveling and digging. Support for the school through the Friends is also evident at the regular social occasions in the school diary.

  • Refreshments at school events, like the New Intake meetings and open day
  • Supporting educational trips with funding for transport costs
  • Providing funding for special, extra curricula events
  • Providing extra class based resources to make learning exciting and practical.

The generosity of the “Friends” also supports many “treats” for the children. Class Christmas presents, theatre trips, transport costs, specific equipment for initiatives and Kids Club are all sponsored by them. Their sponsorship also creates social occasions where although parents are primarily addressing fund raising they offer opportunities for parents to meet each other and enjoy time together.